about ME!

Shabby Chic by riamiranda

In General term, Shabby Chic can be used to refer a style which is a vintage stylish in a relaxed feminine romantic way. The favorite color of Shabby Chic are White and worn, faded and bleached out pastels. Inspired by old French linen, the result is to achieve the elegant pop of Victorian style.

When I was about to start my personal line, I was very inspired and profound by Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic furniture design. The colors of Shabby Chic are representing my own personality, the essences of Shabby Chic are about simplicity, calmness, classy, mature and yet humble.

Recently I've used simple and classy prints in the fabrics which is appropriate to Shabby Chic's style. Hopefully one day I would be able to design my own prints.

I tend to make my products in the limited quantities/edition, therefore I could add my personal touch in the every details of my apparels.

Until now, my achievement so far is inspiring the young moslemah in my country to have a different and unique style of apparels which match to their personalities. My target market is young and energetic moslemah between age 20 to 30, so hopefully in the future I could be their inspiration for the classy and stylish moslemah apparels.

Indonesia has so many unique cultures which had made me realize that my mission is to promote my own culture, therefore I also have been inspired by some of traditional style in my designs.

in the future I'm planning to develop my Shabby Chic furnitures and furnishings that come with the same spirit and characters with my moslemah's clothes line/style.